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In daily busy and hectic routines everyone deserves to take a break and spare some time to relax and enjoy. Constantly being engaged in daily life routine whether you are a professional or a student can make you feel tired and will eventually downgrade your capabilities. Now, the next question arises is what are options available if someone needs a refreshment of mind. Well, everyone finds peace of mind in their ways. Some people spend time with family at home, some people pass their vacations by playing games while there exists a category who likes to read books with a cup of coffee. There are numerous other ways people engage themselves to spend their leisure time to refresh themselves.

One of the most common ways to refresh your batteries is to travel. Traveling is the tried and tested way that creates lifelong memories. This is an experience that can be achieved whether you want a solo trip or you are thinking to plan a journey with your friends. You can visit a crowded place if you love hustle and bustle of a city or you can either select a lonely place to relax your mind. All you need to do is just have the willingness to experience different adventures. Now if you have decided to take a leave or you are scheduling traveling plans for upcoming vacations but are confused then you don’t need to be in this state of confusion. There is a limitless number of places to travel all over the globe. Several destinations are yet to be discovered by some traveling enthusiasts. There exists a certain class who is so fond of traveling that they plan to travel the world by different means. Some go for a road trip; some people decide to break the record by traveling through bicycles from one country to another etc. Finding a perfect travel place is not a headache and does not require too much brainstorming if you are accompanied by a good tour guide. As tourism is itself an industry that adds a lot of revenue to the national exchequer of any country people related to this business have found many ways to earn bread and butter. All over the world from sponsored companies to individuals, travel guides are available. You might find them online, visit any travelogue or you can find local people after reaching destinations.

AllabtWorld is also a place that has been created for people like you who can experience travel stories of other people and can use this website as a tourist guide. This website will cover famous travel destinations from all over the world so that you can read an analysis of a specific area and decide if that is must go place or not. This will act as a world travel guide and will cover notorious places because they are easy to reach and developed as well for tourists. AllabtWorld will also be not only focusing on travel aspects but will act as a food and travel guide as well. Apart from travel destinations, travel stories and analysis will cover famous food destinations of a particular area as well. This is being done that a lot of people visit an area but still are unaware of local specialized food. AllabtWorld will act as a healthy food guide as well for its readers so they know local dishes. This may include traditional and continental dishes depending on what region is being covered. For instance, you might find Cake, Ice cream, Chocolate cake while reading a travelogue in a city of the western world but on the other hand might discover that in South Asia people usually are fond of spicy dishes such as Biryani (Spicy boiled Rice), Barbeque, etc. Every region has its unique taste, a tradition of cooking and we will be covering those things as well. This will be extremely helpful for its readers as people who prefer camping over the hotel will need essential information related to food as well.

If you are intrigued by what destinations will AllabtWorld will include, well as the name of the website suggests articles will be shared from all corners over the world. Whether someone is interested to read about famous destinations in the USA or Mountainous regions of South Asia, from African deserts to Oceania beaches we have got all covered. Depending on the type of your mood you can search for popular destinations from any region. We will also be including breath-taking photos so that AllabtWorld acts as a perfect travel and food guide for you. This will not only motivate you to visit a certain place but can also act as a reference for you in the future when you visit certain areas in person.

All these travelogues will be shared by an animated character. This character is named jojo. Just like you, Jojo is a travel enthusiast, has a strong urge to admire nature by traveling in different regions of the world. He not only restricts these experiences to himself but wants you to enjoy along with him. Jojo will act as a travel and food guide for you. Jojo will be taking your trip to a whole new level with his experiences. Jojo will be visiting places, explaining different cultures, and looking over them. Apart from analysing places, Jojo will also be visiting famous food restaurants and giving his reviews about its food or might share a mouth-watering local eatery that should be a must-eat if you visit that place. These findings will not be limited to theoretical stories but Jojo will be sharing exclusive pictures that can help you to decide and compare if a certain place is worth spending money and time for or not. Whether you are looking for a guide or you just want to enjoy some interesting travelogue, our animated character has got your back in case if you are undecided whether you should drop over a place or not.  So, read these articles before gearing up for thrilling experiences you will face during your journey.