Who Are We

AllabtWorld is an informative online news website design for the viewers and readers to get them updated on various topics like travel, education, technology, entertainment, sports, history and current affairs, these topics are covered by blogs and articles and provide the information of famous countries.  AllabtWorld bright side is its diversity, it’s not a region oriented but it provide user with wide range of knowledge from all around the world.

Travel and tourism is one of the biggest industries of the world. Millions of people travel around the world throughout the year. Some travels for business while others travel for tourism. This website provides user blogs about some most famous travel destinations and tourist spots and online news for travelers. It covers tourist destinations from Americas to Europe to Asia, Africa and Australia. Blogs cover the famous tourist spots of different countries and also their culture and food. Blogs about famous food spots are for the foodies from all over the world.

Education is also one of the most searched topics on the internet. Students from all around the world look for online educational information which includes University rankings, examination related info and research topics. This website keep students updated about the educational aspects by providing the information about university ranking and various examination platforms in different countries. The latest updates on SATs, GMAT, IELTS, GRE and PTE are also available. It also provides users with the information about online platforms of learning.

Current affairs are one of the highest searched and liked topics in the world. People want to get updated about online news not only from their own country but from all over the world. This website provides users with the latest news and happenings from different countries. It covers topics like economy, elections, political news, sports events, weather and various other topics. AllabtWorld provides blogs and articles containing personal opinions about current affairs in countries based on facts and knowledge.

Technology is one of the hot favorite topics; this website contains blogs about the recent innovations and tech products. AllabtWorld provide reviews about the latest products from famous companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon etc. Their products like smartphones, laptops, and tablets and their features are discussed. The main purpose is to provide online update for users with the best and latest available innovations and gadgets so it can help user buying his favorite product.

Sports are also one of the most searched topics on internet. AllabtWorld cover the sports events from all around the world. Football is the most watched sport in the world. This website provide blogs on recent events of famous football leagues like English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and also cover international football tournaments like World Cup, Euro Cup and Copa America. It also includes blogs about cricket events. Major cricket series along with tournaments are discussed. AllabtWorld also provides online news on Olympics, American soccer, basketball, hockey, snooker and other major sports events.

Allabtworld has a history section in which the history of famous countries is included. In history, some major events of some countries and the world are discussed in our history section and in our blogs. History events like World War 1, 2, Cold War, Iraq War, Afghan War, and situation of Middle East and Africa is also included. Each country’s history is included in its own section so that the readers can broaden their knowledge of history and it also helps them in research. Our online team provides authentic dates of history around the world. As compared to Wikipedia, Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone at any time. 

Entertainment is probably the most searched topic on internet and it contains wide range of material for users. The website is designed as an entertainment hub for its user. It contains blogs with reviews of hundreds of movies and television series. It contains the list of top TV series of 20th century and 21st century and a brief review of them. As Netflix and Amazon prime video are one of the top streaming platforms and are also producing this content, this website provide reviews on latest TV shows on these platforms for its users. We provide the rankings bases on the reviews on some of the famous websites like IMDB and Rotten Tomato’s. The reviews of blogger are also included sometime. AllabtWorld provide the reviews of different industries around the world including Hollywood, Bollywood, Spanish Cinema, British Cinema and TV, Swedish Cinema, Iran’s productions, Turkish Film and TV productions and Pakistan’s TV industry. Reviews on some famous movies of the past and also on the upcoming movies are also included. We also provide online information about upcoming movies, etc.

This website keeps user updated on different award shows and film festivals from all around the world like Venice film festival, BAFTA Awards, The Oscars, Emmy Awards, IIFA awards, etc. It also includes blogs on the lives on famous celebrities and their activities.

Apart from these topics as world is facing a pandemic nowadays. This website is providing special content in the form of blogs and online news on the Corona-Virus also known as COVID-19. The blogs include the history and start of the virus and its effects on the whole globe. The situation of different economies around the world. It also includes the detailed numbers of cases and deaths of both countries and world-wise. The information on prevention and symptoms on this novel coronavirus is also provided on this website to provide awareness to the common reader. The readers are updated about the development phase of vaccination and its current status.

AllabtWorld is an information hub for the users who have a hobby of tourism, love for sports, keen interest of Tech, fond of movies and TV series, love for history and like getting updated on current affairs. This platform is user friendly with an exceptional user interface that is easy to use and search. Information on this website is supported by graphic material which helps to build the interest of a reader and viewer. The content on the website is personal property and stealing it is strictly prohibited. The views of bloggers and are not meant to hurt anyone’s opinion or target someone. The facts and figures are carefully analyzed before adding them to blogs and articles. AllabtWorld is also active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

AllabtWorld is an informative online news platform with Blogs about various sectors like Travel, Education, History, and Current Affairs for the users. We get you the latest updates about everything happening in the world on one platform. AllabtWorld covers blogs and information from all around the globe.