“Covid-19 a pandemic far from over”

According to the latest data by John Hopkins University of Medicine there are more than 10.6 million cases globally with 515,000 deaths. It took about 6 days to reach from 9 to 10 million the fastest increase ever. Although the situation is very much controlled in Europe but USA has seen a sudden spike in the cases. USA the most affected country from pandemic saw an increase in the cases after easing restriction in states like Florida, Texas, Arizona and California and are declared the new epicenters of the novel coronavirus; these states are have recorded the highest number of daily cases. President Donald Trump while addressing the rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma encouraged government to slow down the testing as according to him more tests means more cases. The ease of restrictions resulted in flooding of people in pubs and beaches with majority ignoring the face covering and social distancing precautions. Dr. Fauci the top infectious disease scientists of US has predicted that if the situation continues USA will have 100,000 cases daily. A deadly increase in cases is also predicted in US after 4th of July the independence day of United States.

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Beach in Florida during covid-19 pandemic

Brazil the hotspot of coronavirus in South America is having record cases and deaths. According to official figures Brazil now have 1.4 million cases with 60,000 deaths. The government of Brazil has totally failed to control the pandemic and according to neutral agencies the actual number of cases is far higher than the official cases provided by Brazilian Government.

In south Asia as India is easing lockdown in stages the pandemic is accelerating. Mumbai the densely populated city of India is facing health crisis. With about 20,000 cases and more than 400 deaths daily India is heading towards a disaster for its health system. India now has almost 600,000 cases with 17,000+ deaths and cases are increasing day by day.

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Dr. Tedros Adhanam Ghebreyesus Director-General WHO

Dr. Tedros Adhanam Ghebreyesus while addressing the media said that the pandemic is far from over and the peak is yet to arrive. As there are no signs of vaccines and countries easing restrictions,  the cases are increasing and we are heading towards a disaster. He said that WHO recorded about 194,000 cases in one day which was the highest ever recorded and it indicates that what lies ahead. He urged governments to strictly imposed face covering and social distancing measures in order to slow down the spread of virus.