Pakistan IT and Science Ministers Opposes PUBG Ban


Pakistan’s IT minister Amin ul Haque and Minister of Science and Technology Ch Fawad Hussain opposed PTA ban on PUBG mobile game. PUBG mobile, a multiplayer online game which is one of the most played games on mobile phones was banned in Pakistan in June after multiple cases of suicides were reported in the country. Parents and police demanded an immediate ban on the game and PTA banned the game temporarily. 

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Petitions were filed in High Courts to lift ban on the game, Islamabad high court reserved its verdict on the decision of unbanning PUBG last week and decisions is expected any day now.

IT Minister in his comment on PUBG Ban stated “Only the Cabinet Division could comment regarding the ban on PUBG”.

Ch Fawad Hussain the minister of science and technology said “Such attitude is killing the tech industry, we cannot afford such bans.” He expressed hope that IT Minister Haque would take note of it and the PTA would be instructed not to encourage such bans as they hinder technological growth in the long run.