Post-Covid Tourism:
List of Countries
reopening for Tourism


Since the start of pandemic many countries closed its border for international tourists due to the high number of infections coming from all across the world. This step was one of the most important in battle against corona virus. United Nations report stated that there was 80 percent decline in tourism and 90 percent decline in air travel recorded in the first half of 2020. As the situation is getting back to normal in many countries, they are opening their borders for international tourists to revive the tourism industry. Some of the famous tourist destinations are mentioned in above article.

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antigua and barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a beautiful island located in Caribbean. After coronavirus the international airport was closed restricting the entrance of tourists. It was reopened for tourists starting June 4th with some instructions and Covid-19 tests.


Aruba is an island country under the rule of Kingdom of Netherlands situated in the southern Caribbean Sea. Aruba announced to reopen tourism between June 15 and July 10 in stages. At first tourists from neighboring Caribbean islands would be allowed followed by tourists from Europe, Canada and USA.

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Austria is situated in the central Europe and one of the top tourist’s destinations of Europe. It announced to reopen from June 16 with initially allowing only 31 countries mostly from Europe.


Bali is an Indonesian island famous for its volcanic forests and beaches. The government of Indonesia announced to fully reopen Bali for international tourists from September 2020 while it has already opened it for domestic tourists

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Belgium is a beautiful country located in Europe. Government of Belgium opened its borders for tourism on June 15. Selected countries are allowed to visit Belgium mostly from Europe


Croatian government announced to open tourism from June 1 initially allowing tourists from European countries only.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic a beautiful Caribbean island announced to reopen tourists from July 1 also keeping corona virus precaution of face covering and social distancing for tourists.


Egypt being one of the top hotspot of tourism in Middle East announced to reopen tourism for international tourists from July 1 restricting the tourists to tourist’s spots in least affected areas from virus.

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France is one of the highest affected countries by Coronavirus. The France government announced to reopen limited tourism from July 24 and fully from August 2020 allowing tourists from European countries in first phase and then from all across the globe.



Greece is one of the top tourist spot in Europe. Almost 20 percent of countries GDP are based on tourism. The Greece government announced to reopen tourism in stages also for limited countries with compulsory Covid-19 test. The country initially opened for tourism and from June 15 and the restrictions are to be decreased from July 1.


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Italy is one of the worst hit countries by pandemic and also suffered many casualties from the coronavirus. The situation is controlled and Italy initially opened its borders for European countries from June 2 and is planning to further opening the tourism for international tourists.


Portugal started opening its borders for tourists from European countries from the start of June and is further planning to ease restriction for international tourists.

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Spain announced to reopen tourism for European countries from June 21 and some of the non-European countries from June 30 in stages



Thailand is one of the top tourist spot for international tourists because of its natural beauty and beaches. Thailand is planning to reopen tourism for international tourists not before the fourth quarter of 2020

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Turkey reopened tourism for 40 nations from the start of June and is further planning to ease restrictions on international travelers.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates has announced to reopen tourism from July 7 for international tourists with a compulsory Coronavirus tests conducted within 72 hours of travel.


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The government of UK has also announced to reopen tourism in initial stages staring from June firstly from tourists from European countries and later from all around the world