Quarantined? Here are the 5 New TV shows to watch on Netflix.

Since the start of the pandemic the demand of video streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime video has seen a spike in its viewership. Although majority of new projects are on hold because of the corona virus but Netflix has got enough for its viewers. Here are the 5 TV shows recently added on Netflix and are must watch.

5. Snow piercer (2020)

Based on the 2013 film snow piercer by Boong Jon Hoo starring Chris Evans, Snowpiercer is a post-apocalyptic drama thriller TV series starring Daveed Diggs and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly. A sudden change in weather has frozen all the world and the remnants of humanity are on a train which is circling around the world. The series is based on class warfare, social injustice, and politics for survival.

Blogger Rating for Snowpiercer   8/10

Snow piercer (2020)
Into the Night (2020)

4. Into the Night (2020)

Into the night is the first Belgian-Polish production of Netflix. It’s also a post-apocalyptic thriller based on the novel the old Axolotl. An Italian NATO officer hijacked a plane from Brussels airport with handful of passengers and forced them to follow the night. As the world is destroyed by the light of the sun these passengers must follow the night and avoid the sun in order to survive. 

Blogger Rating for Into The Night  8/10

3. The Last Dance (2020)

The last dance is sports documentary miniseries co-produced by Netflix and ESPN.  It’s based on the life of one of the greatest sportsman and legend of basketball Michael Jordan. The last season of Jordan with Chicago Bulls is the main focus of the Documentary miniseries. It contains interviews of various NBA legends including Jordan and real footages of crew. If you are a NBA and Jordan fan it’s a must watch for you.

Blogger Rating for The Last Dance   9.5/10

The Last Dance (2020)
When they see us (2019)

2. When they see us (2019)

When they see us is an American crime biography based on the true story of 5 African American and Hispanic teenagers wrongly accused of the rape of a white women also known as Central Park Jogger Case. The story is about the brutality of New York City Police Department for the minorities. The TV series was highly appreciated and was awarded with 2 prime time Emmy awards.

Blogger Rating for When they see us  9.5/10

1. Unbelievable (2019)

Unbelievable is a true crime drama based on the article “An unbelievable Story of Rape”. It’s about the story of a teenager who was raped but no one believed. While she was accused of lying the rapist was free committing more crimes but two female detectives are on the path to find the truth. The TV series was nominated for 4 golden globe awards

Blogger Rating for Unbelievable 10/10

Unbelievable (2019)